Your Job-Searching Advantage Alliant HR

At Alliant HR, we understand that you have a multitude of choices when it comes to looking for a new job opportunity. You can search online job boards, attend networking events, connect with industry leaders on LinkedIn. While these job-searching avenues can be successful, sometimes you just need that extra edge, that extra advantage that will keep your resume and work experience at the forefront of a hiring manager’s mind. You need that person who can tell you if you would be a good culture fit for a specific organization. You need that person in your back pocket who will respond to any questions or concerns before and after an interview, and then help you get the offer you deserve. That advantage, is Alliant HR. We’re in your corner, helping and supporting you along your job-search journey.

Just as you have specialized your skills throughout your career, we specialize in assisting job candidates in specific fields. We focus our efforts solely in the fields of Manufacturing Leadership, Engineering, Accounting and Finance, and HR Executive roles. This focus allows us to spend our time getting to know each one of our candidates and hiring organizations in order to provide extraordinary industry knowledge, service and results.

After reviewing our career opportunities, please submit your resume to [email protected]. Please allow at least one business day for us to review your resume. If we believe your skills, work experience and knowledge would make you a potential candidate for one of our hiring companies, we will contact you immediately. We look forward to visiting with you about potential career opportunities in Manufacturing Leadership, Engineering, Accounting and Finance, and Human Resources.