Unique, Customized human capital strategies

Retaining your talented employees is crucial to your business’ success in the marketplace. We work one-on-one with companies to create a unique human resources consulting strategy to help you improve retention rates, employee relations, employee engagement and satisfaction, and more.

Before creating a custom employee relations strategy for your business, we would like to meet with you and your team to truly understand your company’s unique needs. This initial meeting usually takes about 60 minutes and provides valuable knowledge that we then use to help guide us in creating solutions unique for your business.

HR consulting specialties include:

Employee relations

We believe employees are important stakeholders and contributors in a company, and not just another paycheck. We encourage managers to consider employees’ opinions and input when making important company decisions.

Employee engagement and satisfaction

Employees who are passionate about their work are engaged and enjoy coming to work each day. Measuring and monitoring these key metrics are crucial in determining the overall health of your company.

Improved retention

While we recognize that some voluntary turnover can be healthy for an organization, too much turnover can be destructive to morale and business output. We study the core reasons behind the voluntary turnover to provide possible solutions for improved retention rates.

Professional coaching

Some workplace situations and issues can be difficult for even the most seasoned manager to work through. We can assist with coaching individuals through hard-to-handle employee relations issues, such as communication, conflict and leadership development.